About Us

Wiggles and Giggles in an edutainment centre that provides a rich learning environment in which children can explore, interact and learn through the many aspects of their PLAY. It is a constantly evolving environment where we routinely change activities and materials available, adapting to the children’s social, emotional and cognitive needs and abilities as they develop and grow.

Through PLAY, we encourage the children to use their minds, their bodies and their emerging expressive language to navigate the day to day challenges of growing and learning. While this kind of learning is important, at WAGEC we believe there is much more. Here we strive to provide a loving, stimulating place where children learn to solve problems and are coached to use their emerging language to become great friends and great people. We model and teach kindness, sharing, generosity and thoughtfulness.

At WAGEC, we have created a safe and loving environment, especially designed and equipped to enrich those all-important years. All our staff are committed to creating a loving, happy and stimulating environment which responds to the needs of enthusiastic and inquisitive individuals.

Although we remain as a centre– committed to creativity and learning through play, we also introduce some more formal lessons, in order to prepare our Little Humans thoroughly for ‘Big School’ through programs like Jolly Phonics.

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